Monday, May 24, 2010

a week of Grandma love

We spent the last week having a great visit with Gabriel's mom. She came out to meet River, play with Liam, and give Gabriel and I an extra pair of helping hands.

On Friday, we made the big trip out to the Tulsa zoo. This was River's first big road trip, and he slept through it just fine.

Liam enjoyed the zoo, especially since Grandma was there to share it with.
He walked most of the time and really enjoyed looking at the different animals (here is looking at gobbling turkeys...).
He really liked the snake.
The petting zoo was a highlight, and so was the little lamb.
We had a really good time. The week was fairly low-key. A lot of sitting and chatting, digging in the sandbox, a bit of gardening, and a lot of taking of turns holding a fussy River (I'm learning what foods he just can't seem to take right now. Thai is obviously out).
Last night was pizza, salad, and a side of scrumptious baby. It was special for River to get to meet his Grandma. If only California weren't so far away.


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