Friday, May 7, 2010

the sandbox

On one of the afternoons before he went back to work, Gabriel helped Liam build a sandbox for the backyard.

Liam was a great helper. He even pulled the trigger on the power drill to screw it all together (he has a very trusting Daddy and a Mama who has learned to just not watch while they are building things together...).

He is loving the sandbox. When they first finished building and then filling it, Liam wasn't sure what to do; but as soon as Gabriel started digging in it with a shovel, Liam caught on quickly. He kept saying fun, fun, fun!

He wakes up asking to go dig outside. It has been a great diversion for Liam, and a sanity-saver for me.

You may be wondering, why no pants?

We are still working on the potty-training. If he has a bare bottom, he goes on the potty every time, without any assistance. But as soon as I put any kind of anything on his lower half, he forgets all about the potty.

Just letting him run around au naturale from the waist down is making the day that much easier...

No diapers to change, no messes to clean up. Maybe someday he'll figure out how to stay dry in his underwear, but until then, he's going native at home.

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  1. cool sandbox! i cannot wait for it to be warm here to let dylan "go native" too:)