Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a sure thing

If I am being completely honest, I'll admit that most days are exhausting. I wake up cranky. I try to distract with toys instead of interact. I just want the kids to sleep. At the same time, please. And when I am feeling fed up and like I'd rather be anywhere but this moment, River will smile. Liam will make me laugh.

And then I love being a parent. I love the challenge. I love these boys.

If I am being completely honest, I am really really lucky to have them.

River is such a happy baby. Ever since he discovered that he can stick his tongue out, he does it all day long.
Just watching a baby discover the world is something to smile about.

Seeing his little personality emerge is so much fun. He is so different from Liam, but still so similar. Hurray for brothers.
And then there is this kid. What a challenge. What a crack-up. Always into everything everywhere at the same time.
He is a lot to keep up with.

He is potty trained (well, most of the time when he feels like being cooperative), but living au naturale still suits him just fine.
And now he calls me Dorth. When did he become such a little boy?
So, all of this is to say that these two little guys make our family complete. Content with what we have.

All along, Gabriel and I have said that we wanted to have two of our own and then after that adopt kids into our family.

That hasn't changed. And now that we have these two, we were ready to make sure of it. Yes, it's a big decision. One we have put a lot of thought into, but also one that we feel very confident about.

There is a bittersweet sadness in it. A finality. But also gratitude for the pregnancy and childbirth we have had the privilege to experience twice, and also a gladness that we are done with that season of our lives.

If and when our family of four is ready to grow again, we want to make a home for children who don't have one. But until then, it's just the four of us.

And, really, the thought of no more birth control... That's an added bonus.


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