Monday, August 30, 2010

a week on the farm - simple pleasures

Being on the farm in Iowa is one of our favorite places to be. Janelle always bemoans the fact that there is nowhere exciting to go and nothing exciting to see. Exactly! That is what we love most about these visits: the excuse to just relax and enjoy simple tasks and the pleasant ache of a workday finished.

And they have cows.
River got a crash course on where the milk that he won't be drinking comes from. It was a little odd being on a dairy farm on a dairy-free diet. Milk, milk everywhere, nor any drop to drink.
milk truck

Gabriel and Liam spent most of their time out in the barn building new stalls with Jim for the cows. Liam was happy to dig in the dirt and the sand and give the skid loader plenty of space.
Gabriel was happy to get his hands dirty (okay, his entire body...shower every night, please).

And look at this guy. I can't help but smile.
The farm is just one gigantic playground for Liam.
The kinds of sweets he doesn't get at home...yum.
And because they're dairy-free! , I had my fair share of Oreos, too...
Corn fields to explore.
Kittens to meet
and to share.
and to snuggle.
We all had such a nice time. Really, this is our favorite vacation destination.
Liam is still talking about the farm, asking when we are going to go back and see Unca Gim (Uncle Jim) milking cows.
Next week? is his suggestion.


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