Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A week on the farm - day 1

We left extra early Tuesday morning so we could be to the farm by mid-afternoon. Both boys traveled great, and Liam was especially excited that we were going to see cows.

And this is where the littlest one spent a lot of time. We're still loving the Ergo carrier.

Extra special sleeping accomodations: Liam loved his tractor bed!
This has been another long day of post-trip housekeeping along with a 4-month old who's teething and grouchy.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post more pictures soon along with some commentary by yours truly. A certain someone was just sitting around waiting for farm pictures, so I am staying up extra late to oblige...
Tomorrow we meet with River's pediatric cardiologist at 10:00am. I'm hoping for good news to report.


  1. Haha :-) Thank you for obliging! I love the picture of you and River -your cheekbones look amazing! And I'm assuming that's Janelle in the background, she looks so good and kind and happy!

  2. @Crystal

    Thanks for the cheekbone love :-)

    And, yes, Janelle is all of those wonderful things...