Monday, August 2, 2010

take me to the river

Saturday morning, we went to the White River out by Beaver Dam for the first time. Gabe wanted to scout out the fishing spots for later trips, and we decided to make a day of it for the whole family.

We drove up near the dam, but didn't go over it. Just getting close to it made me almost hyperventilate. I don't indulge in a lot of fears, but gigantic dams holding back large bodies of water just about undo me. That and suspension bridges. And, yes, there was one of those in the day, too. The only one in the area. It was one lane, old, and seemed awfully rickety. It freaked me out.

But the river was beautiful. (Before you roll your eyes at Arkansas, this isn't the river...just a puddle on the way for Liam to splash in)
River hung out in the Ergo carrier and was happy to look around.
Learning about the tackle box. So. Much. Fun. (for both of them...).
We got back in the car and headed over to a camping area in Beaver to find a place where Liam could splash in the water and throw rocks without irritating the nearby fishermen.
Add to that sticks for digging in the mud.
And a park to explore.
And a happy happy baby.
And we have a good day.


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