Monday, August 23, 2010

what a day, what a day

I had planned on posting some pictures and stories about our wonderful week on the farm, but I just don't have it in me for tonight.

This was a long, long day.

The craziest news from our trip is that we were hit by a deer Thursday night.

Yes, the deer hit us. It ran straight into our car as we were cruising down Highway 20. I was driving, and by the time I saw the deer, the collision was inevitable. So, I floored it, hoping for more of the damage to end up at the rear of the car rather than the engine. The deer smashed into the front passenger door, crashed and slid along the back passenger door, and bunced off the back of the car.

None of us were injured, the car still ran fine, and neither of the kids woke up. Gabe, who'd been sleeping, just about jumped out of his skin, and I fear the worst for the suicidal deer.

So, the long story short is that I had to call the insurance company, meet with the adjuster, drop off the car, get a rental car, and go grocery shopping all in the same day with two kiddos who wanted nothing more than to stay at home all day. That clearly didn't happen.

Our insurance is covering the cost of the repairs along with the rental car for the six days or so it will take until the work is finished. And apparently the rental car agency takes a close look at the renter and chooses a car that is the complete opposite of their lifestyle. So, that's how we ended up with a jet black Chevy Impala.


I'm ready for a nice peaceful evening. Like this foggy morning on the farm. Much better.


  1. I dunno. you seem like the type, to me.

    yes, every single time somebody says "Impala" this song pops in my head.
    "there's gotta be a better way / a better waaay!"

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you guys are OK. I know all too well what could have happened with a deer involved!!! But, sorry for all the inconvenience, too!!

  3. well, I'm just sitting over here in my house eagerly awaiting farm pictures!!!