Monday, February 23, 2009

Another weekend on the shed

Gabriel put in 2 full days of work, and he managed to sheath the entire shed on his own.

Liam gave him pointers from the ground.
Still to come:
Shingles - he still hasn't quite figured out the best way to do this on such a steep slope...
Corrugated metal sheets on the bottom half (salvaged from the old shed's roof)
Stain the exterior

And then we move to the inside.


  1. the shed looks great! i really like that first picture of liam with the shed behind him. it looks litke a photo out of a catalog.

  2. holy cow, you guys! I blew that second picture up really big and just stared at it for ten minutes, trying to figure out how Gabe did that! I've gotta come over and see that.