Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm glad this week is over

This has certainly been a crazy week.

On Tuesday, an ice storm crept through our area. All day long, ice fell from the sky, coating everything with a thick layer. Gabriel stayed home from work, and together we watched and listened as branches crashed down from surrounding trees. Luckily, we don't have any large trees hanging over our house, and all of our trees are properly pruned, so we didn't lose many branches at all.

Most of our neighbors weren't so lucky.

Trish had a number of branches fall around her house, narrowly missing her car and porch. She didn't have any damage, but she did lose power and camped out on our couch Tuesday night. Liam thought it was great, and Ozzy (Trish's dog) made himself right at home and even snuggled with Linda for part of the night. We're just glad we had electricity and a warm house to share.

Our next door neighbor Jo (who apparently now goes by Jennifer now that she has moved back into town), her house had a lot of big branches land on the roof, and one that fell on the garage burst through the roof.

The branches hanging over our carport leaned in low and scratched against the roof right above our bed all night long, but it was really more annoying than anything. That is how I know how lucky we were: the storm was just irritating.

I still can't get over the size of the icicles.
They covered everything.
Liam and I took it all in from the warmth of our living room.
Thanks to the warm 50 degrees weekend, most of the ice and snow is gone.
I know that there are still people in our area without power and faced with a lot of clean-up. Gabriel spent all day yesterday cleaning up our neighbor's yard and cutting fallen branches out of her tree. He's doing more of the same around town today with a few of our friends.
We have a lot to be grateful for: a warm and intact house, physical ability to help with the clean up, and a little boy who thinks ice storms mean a lot of extra time with Daddy.


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