Thursday, February 26, 2009

Samantha, how I've missed you...

Liam and I have both been sick with a nasty head cold the past few days. Taking care of a baby while you're sick is no fun. Taking care of a sick baby is terrible. The two combined is just awful.
At least Liam has been napping more and for longer periods of time, which gives me time to medicate myself with extra knitting.
A certain friend's baby is expected any day now, and I decided to try out a baby bootie pattern I've had my eye on. They didn't turn out quite as expected.
disclaimer: in the pattern photo the cuffs looked plush, cozy, and merely gathered, suitable for a boy or girl.
problem #1:
They are RUFFLED.
The gender is a surprise, but I suspect they're having a boy. Ruffles will not do.
problem #2:
They turned out teeny tiny despite being sized for 0-3 months. These booties are clearly not meant for tall-person genes.
So I decided that these booties will go on Etsy instead. Amy, don't worry I'll make more, and they will be different so the surprise isn't entirely spoiled.
And then I had a realization: they seem just the right size for my Samantha doll.
So I got her out of my closet smoothed her dress and hair, then slipped them on her feet.
I was right. They fit perfectly.

Isn't she stylish?


  1. I'm so sorry you've been sick!! Two thumbs down.
    I had Kirsten growing up, and now I'm wondering where she is...I hope she's not lost :-(

  2. aahhh the american girl dolls. this brings back great memories. like in 8th grade when i brought my "girl of today" doll over and we spent hours and hours showing each other different hairstyles for our dolls. i think mine is still in the french braid i left it in that day.

    i'm sorry you and liam are sick. wish i lived closer i'd come by and bring you tea, saltines and ginger ale. my favorite ginger ale is still the brand that we first discovered at the natural foods store. i love you!

  3. I remember being so excited that you had an American Girl doll, too. What was even more exciting was that you also still wanted to play with her in the 8th grade. :-)And we've been friends ever since.