Thursday, February 5, 2009

I won!!!

I listen to NPR all throughout the day, and there are a number of giveaways for answering trivia questions, being the 20th caller, etc... and, of course, I always call in.

Normally, I just get a busy tone, or get so close as to being the 19th caller; I figure that one of these times I'll get lucky.

Well, today's the day! I was the 20th caller. WooHoo!!! It's so exciting.

Now here is the funniest part:

I don't know what I won.

I was in the other room when she announced the prize, but I heard the part about being caller number 20, so I just called in. I couldn't bring myself to ask her, so what did I win?

I think it's tickets of some sort. Maybe to the Walton Arts Center, or to the Malco movie theater? Whatever it is, it's coming to my mailbox soon...


  1. hahahahha!!! Thats Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. hahahahaha, that is the funniest thing ever! If it's dinner for two or a movie for two, we'll watch Liam.
    Can't wait til tomorrow!!

  3. hahaha, nice! congratulations on the win!

  4. How funny but fun at the same time. Now you get a surprise.