Sunday, February 15, 2009

A new garden shed

Ever since we first bought our home 5 years ago, Gabriel has been wanting to rebuild our little garden shed. Yes, it was cute. But, it also leaked terribly, and even I had to duck to get through the doorway.

Thanks to Uncle Sam's refund and that nifty child tax credit, we finally have the funds to build Gabriel's dream shed. He has been working on plans for the past few months, and yesterday, we finally got to work on it.

The Grays came out to help, even though Micah had worked a 24-hour shift the day before. What an amazing friend!

Crystal and I hung out with the little ones inside and were so incredibly sad to miss out on all the hard work outside in the freezing cold.

Here is what the shed looked like last summer. Notice the window is boarded up, thanks to an accident during our home remodel 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, the camera missed the exciting roof-removal process. It seemed to be a highlight of the day.

The slab all cleaned off and ready .

The Element earned its keep.

Somehow, the roof is ending up a bit taller than we had anticipated. But we sure like the storage possibilities: bikes, ladders, etc...

tricky, tricky, tricky

By the end of the day, the roof was nearly framed, and the guys were a wee bit exhausted. Gabriel is out there today, finishing up with the framing.
More pictures to come...
You can see more about it on Crystal's blog.

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  1. Yay for dream sheds and tax refunds!!!! You guys are so awesome they way you just invision something and then make it happen! I love it!!!