Monday, June 7, 2010

and one more Destin post...

As much as we played in the sun and the water, that wasn't all that we did in Destin.

Gabriel carried two cranky toddlers for our stressful-so-tired-but-we-have-to-buy-groceries shopping trip.
Liam practiced coloring with Grace and Aunt Carolyn.
We walked around the harbor and saw big boats and fish in the water...
and we saw more fish out of the water...
Saturday morning, we packed up the car and headed home. The oil spill wasn't supposed to reach Destin until Sunday, but as we drove along the coast, we were able to see the effects as nearby as Pensacola, and even more so once we got into Mobile, AL. It's so sad to think about the devastation the spill will cause, not only for the wildlife, but also for the economy in Destin (and all of the gulf...). Destin is such a charming beach town. Not so touristy that it's overkill, but it's hard to imagine Destin without the tourists to support it. Not to mention the fishing industry. Ugh. So so sad.
Since there is no direct highway from Destin back to Siloam Springs, we took the quickest route which meant a series of meandering country highways through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
With more "presents" to keep him entertained, lots of sleep to catch up on, and a tummy full of Krispy Kremes (a very special treat), Liam was a fantastic traveler.
And, apparently, Gabriel has a huge fascination with capitol buildings. We have been married for nearly 7 years, and somehow I never knew this about him. Marriage is full of surprises.
So we stopped to see the Mississippi Capitol building in Jackson.
Where the boys admired a cannon.
And Liam didn't want to seize a picture opportunity...
Then it was back into the car
Until we made it to Little Rock. Another capitol building.
I never thought that being in Arkansas could be such a relief, but after a 17 hour drive, it feels wonderfully like home.

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