Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've got a new way to walk

I hadn't planned to get a double stroller.

They are just too cumbersome, besides the fact that I really prefer to wear River in the fantastic Ergo Baby Carrier my in-laws gifted us with (I'll save all my gushing over how it has changed my life for another post...).

But when Crystal offered us a double jogging stroller someone had kindly passed along to her family, and they didn't expect to use it, I couldn't say no.

We are a one-car family, which is great most of the time. Gabriel has a long commute to work, but he is able to carpool with a fellow Siloam-ian, so I get to have the car every other week. On the off weeks, I usually get around town by foot. In our small town, I can easily walk to the library, several parks, historic downtown, the post office, and my favorite thrift stores. With those basics covered, the only real obstacle is the weather.

Gabriel and I tried out the new jogger with an after-dinner stroll.
And both boys were comfy.
And now it'll be even easier to get the two little guys where we need to go. Thanks, Grays.


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