Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer swimming

Liam has spent this week going from one swimming pool to the next:

Monday - swimming with Simone

Tuesday - swimming at home with me and River

Wednesday - swimming with Sage and Claire

Today - more swimming at our place

He is slowly warming up (or cooling down, perhaps) to the idea of actually playing in the water instead of just splashing from the outside.

Of course, I only have pictures from Monday. The camera battery is just about dead, and I haven't made it all the way upstairs to grab the charger, which has been hanging out on my dresser since we unpacked from our Destin trip... I know, that's lame.

But here is some swimming pool cuteness from Monday at least.

Simone in the water
Liam out of the water
Liam encouraging Simone to destroy things: chalk soup anyone?
It wasn't long after this picture that Liam realized that his shorts were wet, stripped them off, and happily splashed around naked for a bit.


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