Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We're both still trying to figure out how to handle two kids at once. Some days are super fun and easy. Others are full of temper tantrums, whining, and lots of squirming (from us and from Liam...).

Through all of the ups and downs and running around, Gabriel is proving himself to be a fantastic Daddy. Liam adores him and wants to be just like him. River gives him the special Daddy stare and plenty of big baby smiles.

And it's all a lot more fun when they are wearing matching shirts.
I used Simplicity 3852, a father-son shirt pattern that also included a romper variation for the littlest one. The fabric is just Absolutely Cotton, a basic quilting cotton from Hancock's Fabric. All of the buttons came from my mother-in-law's vintage button stash she generously passed along for my sewing habit.

And despite the last two weeks of nap times that I devoted to this project, I was still up late last night finishing them for the big day. I couldn't have finished without the full of day of sewing plus the extra hands for sewing buttons that my mom very generously gave... Thanks, Mom.

Liam loves to wear Daddy shirts (anything with a collar).
We call this the disappearing baby act
Happy Father's Day, Gabriel.
We love you.


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